Adapter 5451N for Puig clutch levers

Adapter 5451N for Puig clutch levers


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Get now the adapter to mount any clutch lever from Puig.

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Attention: For holiday period, Puig orders will be delayed until August 25.

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The Puig levers adapters are totally required to be able to install the levers. These adapters connect your motorcycle with the Puig levers. In the list you will find below you can see all the motorcycle models that fits with this adapter.

  • The adapters are sold per unit. To install both clutch (or rear brake) and brake levers you must purchase two corresponding references.
  • This adapter is for clutch lever, in the table you will find below you can see the necessary reference for the brake lever.
  • The available photografies are only a reference. The product may be different.

Compatible models

BrandModelYearRef. ClutchRef. Brake
KAWASAKIVERSYS 10002012 - 20145451N5455N
KAWASAKIZ10002003 - 20065451N5455N
KAWASAKIZ10002007 - 20135451N5452N
KAWASAKIZ10002014 - 20165451N5452N
KAWASAKIZ1000SX2011 - 20175451N5452N
KAWASAKIZ7502007 - 20125451N5453N
KAWASAKIZ750R2011 - 20125451N5452N
KAWASAKIZ8002013 - 20165451N6609N
KAWASAKIZ800E2013 - 20165451N6609N
KAWASAKIZX-10R2004 - 20055451N5455N
KAWASAKIZX-10R2006 - 20105451N5452N
KAWASAKIZX-10R2011 - 20155451N5452N
KAWASAKIZX-10R2016 - 20175451N6141N
KAWASAKIZX-12R2000 - 20065451N5455N
KAWASAKIZX-6R2000 - 20045451N5455N
KAWASAKIZX-6R2005 - 20065451N5458N
KAWASAKIZX-6R2007 - 20165451N5452N
KAWASAKIZX-6R 6362013 - 20165451N5452N
KAWASAKIZX-9R2000 - 20045451N5455N

In the following table you can see all the motorcycle models in which you can install this levers adapter.

If your motorcycle is not in this list it may be because this is not the adapter you need, click here to see the compatibility table.

Remember that you will need an adapter on each side, therefore, you will need to buy an adapter for the brake lever and another for the clutch.