Golden Conical Handlebar from Puig Golden Conical Handlebar from Puig Golden Conical Handlebar from Puig
Golden Conical Handlebar from Puig

Golden Conical Handlebar from Puig

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Get now the conical handlebar from Puig in color Golden.

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Model:Puig Conical Handlebar
Inner thread:14mm
Diameter:22mm / 29mm

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The Puig handlebar type conical in color Golden it's great to replace the one who carries your motorcycle. It does not matter if you change it because you have had a fall that has doubled your default handlebar, or because you want to put a handlebar that fits better to your style, this handlebar it's perfect for you.

  • This handlebar is conical, that means that the diameter of the ends of the handlebar and the center is different. The diameter of the ends is 22mm and the center is 29mm.
  • You can order it in three different heights: 20mm, 40mm and 61mm. The higher it is, the position that the driver adopts is more comfortable and straight. On the contrary, when more lower be the handlebar, the posture is more racing. The handlebar that you can see in the images have 40mm height.
  • Before order this handlebar, it's important that you have a look if the one you are wearing now is cylindrical or conical, that is, if it has the same diameter in the center of the handlebar and at the tips.
  • To adapt a conical handlebar in a bike that from default it wore one cylindrical, it's necessary acquire separately a riser adapter.
  • It has an internal thread of 14mm and you can adapt Puig bar ends with thread or universal bar ends with Silent Blocks. These silent blocks are rubber cylinders that widen while you squeezes a screw, fixing it to the handlebar without need to use any thread.
  • It has a width from end to end of 735 millimeters (73,5cm).
Download assembly instructions: 6461