QM Cleaner Black Bike Degreaser 200ml BLACK BIKE

QM Cleaner Black Bike Degreaser 200ml


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Oil or grease stains are often complicated to clean. Using generic degreasers can attack the paint of the piece to be cleaned, removing the original color or brightness. That’s the reason we present QM Cleaner Black Bike Degreaser, which allows you to clean multiple surfaces without attacking the original paint or the applied surface.

  • Descale the most complicated oil and grease stains with little effort thanks to its great deseasing power.
  • It does not damage surfaces or paint, so it can be used on tires, engines, bodywork...
  • Suitable for surfaces of: steel, aluminum, white rubber, plastic, PVC or vinyl.
  • Its great moisturizing power allows efficient product penetration to clean the dirt.
  • It can be diluted in hard and soft water to its great sequestering power, with a maximum 25% solution. Can be used pure for very dirty surfaces.