Black Basic motorcycle grips by Puig Black Basic motorcycle grips by Puig
Black Basic motorcycle grips by Puig

Black Basic motorcycle grips by Puig

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Get now the motorcycle grips Basic model from Puig in color Black.

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Attention: For holiday period, Puig orders will be delayed until August 25.

12,00 €

Data sheet

Model:Basic Grips
Length:119 mm
Inner diameter:22 mm
Throttle tube adapters:Not included

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Simples, discreet and cheap. Puig’s basic grips offers an incredible grip and a nice touch with a basic design similar to the default grips. These grips are available in three touch types: soft, medium and hard, which will influence both comfort as well in durability of these. The softest ones tends to be more comfortable but they wear faster, while in the hardest ones we have the opposite. If you don’t know which one to choose we recommend you pick the medium touch

  • Available in three different touches to better adapt to the taste of the pilot.
  • They are made of texturized rubber completely anti-slip, to avoid slips.
  • The interior diameter is 22 millimeters long, being the standard in most bike’s handlebars.
  • The grip is 119 millimeters long, which is the normal size of bike’s grips. Even so we recommend you measure the grips you actually have to ensure that they’re compatible.
  • They have the ending opened, so you can easily adapt the counterweights of your bike or the handlebar’s anti-theft of your scooter.

Important: Since there’s a lot of diversity of original grips it’s possible it’s necessary to reduce the gas shank’s edges and use any sealing glue so that it’s well fixed. Only a small portion of bikes are going to need this adjustment.