Puig Black Turn Lights model Minimal Puig Black Turn Lights model Minimal
Puig Black Turn Lights model Minimal

Puig Black LED Turn Lights model Minimal

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Get now the turn lights model Minimal from Puig in color Black.

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35,20 €

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Length:32mm / 55mm
Product:Turn signals

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The LED turn lights from Puig model Minimal color Black are perfects to change the default turn lights. With its advanced design, this turn lights changes completely the aesthetic of your motorbike, making that it looks like you always desired.

  • The glass comes in color transparent.
  • Its measures are: 32mm or 55mm long and 18mm width without include the screw.
  • The turn light Minimal can be acquired in two different sizes: 32mm or 55mm long.
  • As the blinkers have LED technology, are required adapters (relays or resistors) to obtain a normal blinking frequency.
  • The blinker cable has a standard connector. To connect it to your bike it's possible that you need to cut the original connector. To avoid cutting it, exist specific adapters that must be bought apart.
  • This turn lights can be adapted like front or rear blinker in the standard license support as in other universal ones.
  • The default blinkers usually have a wider base, so to change them it's needed to acquire an adapter plate that covers the hole that were busy by the default ones.